ui/ux design
by anna kapi, marci borbas

photos by 199X,  Yu Chen

Carnault is a Basel-based startup that develops high-quality and personalized electronic cigarettes.

With our UX/UI system, you have the opportunity to create a completely nicotine-free cigarette. You can make each part 100% unique.

Unfortunately, the investors and the head of the Carnault brand could not approve our system, it became a ux/ui concept because of development reasons.

‘For us smoking went hand in hand with falling in love with life. So when the time had come to quit smoking, we did not. Not so much because of the addictiveness but because it felt like leaving valuable parts of ourselves behind. Then came electric cigarettes and at first we did not like them. Replacing the combustion process of a tobacco cigarette with an aerosolization however has been an indisputable breakthrough and with it appeared the glimpse of an opportunity creating a cigarette which makes the sensation not only less invasive but keeps alive the magic of its tobacco sister.’

Carnault team

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