Monumentum Közhasznú Alapítvány Budapest

authors: kristóf kelecsényi, tamás körmendi, tamás wachsler

photos by vica wachsler
layout design by marci borbas
3D by marcell gulyás

corrector by andrea illés
publishing by akos réthly
print production by zoltán györgy, lászló szőke (Orange Design)

History lifted by shields

For decades, the sight of the Parliament was accompanied by the presence of continuous repairs and the construction of scaffolding due to stone replacement. When this work was completed at the same time as the renovation of Kossuth Lajos Square, and the masterpiece of Imre Steindl was finally displayed, the whole country was amazed by the beauty of the building. However, just a few years later, the well-known scaffolding reappeared in front of the facade, and people thought there was again some technical problem. Not at all: this time consciously thought-out, planned, but at the same time symbolic changes were made.

In the process of “rethinking” the Parliamentary Coat of Arms Gallery in 2020, 120 municipal coats of arms have been added to the main ledge of Parliament that have not been visible here before. The builders of the time viewed the Parliament as the collective work and pride of the entire Hungarian nation. Therefore, it is perhaps not surprising that these settlement coats of arms have now been selected, but that they previously didn’t.

From our issue, you can learn about the circumstances under which the original coat of arms gallery was born. Learn about the logic and process of expansion, see all the old and new coats of arms, and gain insight into the secrets of heraldry, the system by which coats of arms are devised, described, and regulated.

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